Aluminum Ingots

We are aiming to open our own smelting factory for aluminum. Since our customer needs is big in aluminum ingots, we see this as a chance.

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Metal Trading

We are partnering with few scrap yards in different parts of the world so that we don’t need to transport the materials to our yard, but to save costs and environment, we can ship directly to our clients.

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Electronic Recycling

Electronic waste has many recyclable and reusable metals, which we are removing from the devises.

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Metal & Resources Recycling

The whole recycling process is still taking baby steps in many parts of the world. Many used materials can be recycled and reused after being processed.

Every ton of recycled metals is saving the natural resources around the world. Recycled materials are once processed from the ore and is therefore very easy to handle.

How to recycle materials, waste or water, contact us.

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Recycling benefits in many ways

If you are interested about recycling or you have
some products we are looking for, feel free to contact us.